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Monday, 14 December 2015

When we think about the history of Maranatha Christian School, it is worth remembering that it was founded by a group of people (called the pioneers) as an act of service to God. They chose a motto to reflect how they believed all in the school community should serve.. my utmost for His glory.

Let’s think a little about the motto:

  • It is my utmost, not our utmost.  In other words we each have an individual responsibility to serve.  While we might do this together, service is not something we can outsource to others, Each of us is called, individually … so the question comes up, what are we doing? 
  • My utmost – that’s quite a word. It is not my almost, or my near enough, or my not quite, or my Sunday only, or my Ill do it tomorrow it’s my utmost ..in other words, we give our best to God with all that we have, for after all, all that we have came from God in the first place
  • Finally, to His glory... we serve to glorify God not ourselves. So lets’ take care we avoid the ‘humble brag’, but rather our actions point others to God.

Mother Teresa, one of the most remarkable and selfless people in my lifetime once said, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

It was a challenge to serve with all that we have been given.

While some of us might go on to start charities (as Mother Theresa did) or open schools (as the Maranatha pioneers did), all of us are called to serve today and every action, no matter how small can be an act of service. As Mother Theresa also said, “we can all do small things with great love.”

So as we finish the year and enter the Christmas period, lets us remember how God gave us Jesus – what an act of love, and let us  look at how we are serving each other, whether that be at home, in our community or across our world.