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Mary Botros - Class of 2018

"I moved to Maranatha Christian School in Year 7, filled to the brim with nerves about being at a new school and having to make new friends. I quickly noticed a difference at Maranatha; the students were more than welcoming, and the staff showed genuine care and concern for every student. From year 7 to year 12, I was nurtured both spiritually and academically at Maranatha, enabling me to become more confident in my faith and abilities as a student. Now in my first year of university and completing the course of my dreams (Medicine at Monash University), I am immensely appreciative of the opportunities Maranatha gave me to pursue my goals in such a uniquely Christ-centred environment. I know that I will cherish the friends and memories I’ve made at Maranatha for a very long time to come."

Chelsea Raar - Class of 2016
Chelsea Raar - Class of 2016

"I am Chelsea Raar, a past student from Officer and Endeavour Hills campus, and graduated in 2016. At Maranatha Christian School, the teachers invested into my love of science and biology, and encouraged me to aim for my dreams. Every teacher had a deep care for me as a student, and was genuinely committed to helping me thrive in my work, and life overall. I will never forget some of those motivating faces in my high school. The culture of the school allowed my faith to develop, my life values to be strengthened, and I grew as a person in my leadership and confidence. It was with this constant support, encouragement and fuelling of my passion, I was able to achieve even higher than the score I needed for my course. I am currently studying at Monash University Peninsula Campus, in my 3rd year of a double Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery. I have absolutely found my passion, and couldn’t imagine a better career than a nurse and midwife. In year 10, I was inspired by my teacher to pursue Missions work; as a result, I currently organising to practise midwifery in Africa in the coming year. Thankyou for all you do at the school, each teacher had a vital role to play in my early years. Attending Maranatha equipped me well for my life. The teaching staff encouraged the pursuit of my dreams and this has created a solid foundation for both my future career and my walk with God. "

Kim Bruinsma

"Maranatha Early Learning has been a true blessing to us as a family. Our daughter has been encouraged and loved by faithful, God fearing teachers. She has enjoyed learning new things, creating friendships and having fun! Our daughter has been made to feel a part of the wider school, by being involved in library, sport and music. As parents, we are truly thankful that we have such an amazing ELC!"

Sally Buck

"I have found the experience of my child, Hayley, attending the Early Learning Centre at Maranatha extremely positive in so many ways. I have loved the structured learning environment and the curriculum was very educational, as well as fun and interesting for Hayley. Activities like excursions and incursions made the program all the more interesting. The set-up of the centre, the facilities and the equipment is excellent. I feel that Hayley is well prepared for starting Preparatory level next year at Maranatha. I couldn't recommend Maranatha's ELC in Officer highly enough."

Judy Linossier

"The thing that struck me about all 3 services was the active involvement of students and the age appropriateness of the content. Not only was Luther inspirational but so was the response of the Year 9-12 students when they were invited to write a reflection on his message and place it in a basket at the front. As a parent, I was so thankful that two of my children got to experience the service. The Cardinia children said they would have liked to stay longer to spend time with their Casey friends. My Jesse said the Year 5-8 service was the best one he'd ever been to. Everyone seemed to be saying the same thing about the service they attended."

Eunice Ghita, after winning her Premier VCE Award 2013 for Romanian.
Eunice Ghita, after winning her Premier VCE Award 2013 for Romanian.

"I think often of the time I went to school at Maranatha Christian School. I have very fond memories and I continue to pray for the school and the teachers I had. It was also due to their great teaching, kindness and encouragement that I achieved the score I did."


"I learned that starfish are really called sea stars. There are lots of different ones"


"I liked the catfish. It eats baby eggs that live underwater. Daddy fish hide the eggs in the seaweed so they don't get eaten up."

Past Student After visiting Open Day in March 2014

"Great changes since my school days. I love the Music Block"