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Grace has always loved creating things and from very early on wanted to become a children’s book illustrator.
After graduating from Maranatha in 2012, Grace relocated to Byron Bay for a year to study in a Christian ministry school called, Deep End School. Surrounded by creative friends up north, Grace began to develop her own business, Dancing Fox, and joined an artist collective which ran a shop called The Little Seed. She sold art prints, t-shirts, greeting cards and other hand made goods and responded to commission work throughout the year. On returning to Melbourne Grace began her Bachelor of Visual Arts/Bachelor of Arts at Monash University and continued to grow her business by exhibiting artwork in local cafes and galleries such as The General Food Store, Brunswick Street Gallery, Little By Little, Providore Patisserie and Little Rogue. She has enjoyed connecting with local store and café owners and sending out packages to a store in New South Wales too
In early 2015, Grace and Jamie caught up to discuss collaborating over some children’s stories. Grace very excitedly began the process of illustrating which she soon realized was a lot more challenging than she had expected. The process of illustrating is full of problem solving. Unlike her studies of fine art at university, Grace now had the challenge of working with words to create an artwork. While words can sometimes create limitations on the artwork, Grace’s love of literature and the meaning of words makes this process an exciting journey which she hopes to continue to grow in.
Currently, Grace enjoys responding to commission work for clothing, tattoos, logos, invitations or framed art pieces. She is also currently working with a friend on another Children’s Book, and looks forward to keep working alongside Jamie with his company Trade Winds Publishing House in the future.

Gracie Grime

Gracie Grime is a children’s picture story about a girl you collects time and learns how to use it well. The combination of clever rhymes written by Nicholas Ling, and colourful mixed-media illustrations by Maranatha alumni, Grace Fraraccio results in a heart-warming story that you can read countless times.

At the time of illustrating her first children’s book The Crooked Trees, Grace was approached by Nick with the story Gracie Grime. The ideas for characters in the story such as giraffes in scarves and unicorns made from ice-cream cones travelled through Europe in Grace’s sketchbook as she brainstormed and reworked ideas for the story. Twelve months after her return, Grace and Nick submitted their final work to the publisher and celebrated in early January 2017 as they held their first hard copies of Gracie Grime.

The story is simple yet meaningful and will inspire you and your little ones to learn to see the value of sharing the precious time you have been given.