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Since graduating in 2013, Jamie Crock has enrolled and studied Science and Law at the Australian National University, as well as taking a summer course in Literature at Oxford University. In 2015, Jamie founded a small publishing house, named Trade Winds Publishing House. Under this umbrella, he has released a children's book written by himself this year, as well as working on young adult fiction and children's literature with a number of artists. In his spare time, Jamie reads avidly, loving a wide range of novelists, short story writers, and poets. His hall of fame, un-exhaustively, includes C.S. Lewis, W.B. Yeats, John Wyndham, Martin Amis and W.H. Auden. A longtime admirer of art, Jamie was pleased to have had a children's story he wrote, illustrated by an artist he has admired for a long time. Jamie attended school with Grace in prep and recalls admiring her artwork in grade four and five. The overarching interests of his first book, The Crooked Trees, reflect Jamie's interest in both the sciences and the arts. Central to the book is scientific mystery and creativity — telling the story of playful solutions to a real mystery. That mystery being a forest in Poland called The Crooked Forest. Jamie hopes to publish further works in the future in a range of genres.