Thailand Mission Awareness Tour


Students and staff from Maranatha Christian School have been part of teams travelling to Thailand every year since 2000 to participate in an 18 day Mission Awareness Tour. 

Students are introduced to a wide range of mission organisations operating in and around Thailand. These organisations are constantly dealing with societal issues faced by many people in developing countries like Thailand. The issues students learn about include: poverty, persecution, rejection, homelessness, human trafficking, diseases (leprosy and HIV/AIDS), and ethnic minority problems regarding lack of residency and access to education.  The main focus of the trip has been to provide opportunities for our students that allow them to experience third world countries and cultures as well as gaining an appreciation of these issues. 

In many cases this is done by offering to assist in practical service opportunities. Throughout the trip students are impacted deeply and return to Australia with a greater understanding of their place in this world and God’s purpose for their lives.  They come to appreciate and enjoy the act of service for others. We recognise that students at this age in first world countries can have a self-centred view on life and that they can be encouraged to think more of others, and to do something to serve those people in need.

The Mission Awareness Tour takes place in Year 10.