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Support Maranatha

At Maranatha, we believe that education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. By fostering a culture of philanthropy and connection, we can significantly impact the lives of our students. Whether it’s through donating your time, expertise, or financial resources, every contribution, big or small, can make a significant difference.

To maintain our position as one of the states leading providers of Christian education that produces outstanding students and academic results, we need your support.

Together, we can continue to provide our outstanding educational opportunities, buildings and facilities for the students of today and tomorrow.


There are a number of ways that your giving can make a difference:

The Jennifer Munyard Scholarship

The Jennifer Munyard Scholarship provides girls and boys who have experienced significant trauma the opportunity to be educated in a safe learning environment at Maranatha Christian School. (Tax Deductible).

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Building Fund

The Build Fund exists to maintain and develop inspirational learning spaces and educational resources. (Tax Deductible).

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Support a Family:

The Support a Family Fund aims to assist families in financial need.

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Library Fund:

The Library Fund exists to purchase books, recordings, subscriptions or special collectables, including upgrading furniture.

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At Principal’s Discretion:

At Principal’s Discretion Fund is used to enhance various school projects further.

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Sports or Musical Fund

These funds are used for equipment or other sporting or musical projects.

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