Maranatha’s Careers Framework has been developed to guide students toward our school vision “where students are inspired to discover and develop their God-given gifts, abilities and character for a life of service to the Lord in contemporary society"


This framework combines the work of evangelical theology, Christian educational research and the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework. It has been developed specifically to support parents and teachers to progress students through secondary school and transition them into a career that honours Jesus Christ and builds His kingdom.  The framework is formative in nature, as it aims to put disciplines in place each year of middle and senior school, so that students will:
  • Grow in wisdom, aligning themselves to the good life that God intended for them
  • Understand what it means to be human
  • Learn to work and live responsibly
  • Reflect on the shape of their lives that gives glory and praise to God
  • Develop Skills, knowledge and attitudes and behaviours to make career decisions
  • Apply their learning to achieve educational and career aspirations
  • Build resilience in their capacity to manage change throughout their lives
  • Develop their career plan, refining them to identify future actions