Extra – Curricular

curriculum / extra-curricular

Providing opportunities beyond the classroom

Inter-School Sporting Competitions

Students from Year 6 to Year 12  at Maranatha Christian School have sporting opportunities that include full-day events, such as swimming, athletics and cross-country, where they compete against the top sporting students within the state.

In addition to this, Year 7 – 12 Rally Days allow students to hone their skills in a particular sport (such as Football, Soccer, Basketball, Badmington, Netball, Cricket or Tennis) and compete in round-robin competitions.

Inter-School Cultural Competitions

Across every year level, there are opportunities to compete in cultural events. These include debating and public speaking, masterminds, chess and theatre sports.


Across the school, Clubs encourage students to consider the impact they can have within their communities and the world. Students are encouraged to join clubs such as the Environment and Conservation Club and Community Service Club. In addition to this, Clubs offer an opportunity to develop their passions, such as the Digital Design Club, Jazz Band and Reading Club.

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