General Junior School Information

The core curriculum is mostly taught by the class teacher and consists of:
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Biblical studies and Christian living
  • Information Techonology
  • Inquiry

Library Mandarin Performing Arts (Music) Physical Education Visual Art
Our extensive Pre-Prep orientation program is held during the last semester of the students’ kinder year. They attend school with their parents participating in fun activities. This familiarises themselves with their new school and classmates.


Prep is an important year where children are transitioned into formal learning. Students participate in an investigative approach to new concepts which are explored further in more formal, structured teaching experiences. This gives them the opportunity to explore what is learned in formal lessons through guided and structured play. Children are individuals in their styles of learning. Individuals thrive when in a community that creates a sense of belonging. The Junior School community embraces all children, there is no sense of exclusion but rather there are systems like the ‘buddy’ program where older students formally assist younger ones.


Year 1 is a year where students experience exponential growth both physically and intellectually. They build on the foundational concepts taught in Prep in both Mathematics and Literacy. Their growth in reading is evident by the number of reading levels they advance through during the year.
Students still participate in developmental learning, however the time spent on formal learning experiences, using concrete materials, is increased.
The Perceptual Motor Program teaches and gives opportunities to develop further gross motor skills which in turn assist the development of fine motor skills required for learning.
The students thoroughly enjoy staying late one afternoon after school to participate in fun activities and share a meal with their teachers and peers.


In Year 2, learning builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in Lower Primary. Concrete materials are still an integral part of learning experiences. A collaborative learning environment is a key component of the classroom experience which enables each student to extend their capacity intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
The Year 2 stay late is held at the school. While the students are still in the familiar environment of school, they gain some independence from home. This is the initial step toward the camping program offered in Middle and Upper Primary.

In Year 3 students are encouraged to develop greater responsibility for their learning. The students consolidate their foundational knowledge and lessons move progressively more from the concrete to more abstract skills and concepts.
Students’ sporting ability is enriched through participation in a weekly Middle Primary Sports Program and an involvement in formal sporting carnivals.
Our annual sleepover, held at school, allows students to further develop independence in preparation for future camps.

Year 4

Year 4 aims to help students become self-motivated, confident learners through inquiry and active participation in challenging and engaging experiences. As students consolidate more abstract concepts; their reliability on concrete materials decreases.
Students continue to have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in various sports in a weekly sport program.
To develop further the students’ independence and leadership skills, we offer a three day annual school camp to Forest Edge, along with student monitor responsibilities and the Buddy Program with Prep students.

Technology and self directed learning become a focus at Year 5. Through the daily use of their iPads and a highly engaging curriculum, students learn a variety of independent learning and team work skills as they develop further their understanding of abstract concepts. Students are offered a variety of ways to demonstrate understanding and are also prepared fully to undertake their NAPLAN tests
The Year 5 camp takes the students to Sovereign Hill and leadership opportunities abound, whether on the Year 5 camp at Sovereign Hill, weekly assembles, buddy classes or in more general opportunities to assist around the school. The year culminates in the Night of the Notables, a wonderful self-directed learning project
year 6
The key components of the Year 6 program are to enable students to have the opportunity to be leaders of the Junior School, and to prepare them fully for their transition into the Middle and Senior Schools. The Year 6 students are educated in dedicated Year 6 Centres that are designed to challenge them to take a more active role in their learning. Inquiry based activities are presented that allow the students to demonstrate their understanding and skills in a flexible learning environment. Students are exposed to a range of activities that will enable them to become self motivated, independent learners. The Year 6 Camp to The Summit enables the students to exhibit leadership, to challenge themselves to complete a range of difficult activities and to develop teamwork skills in the process. The Year culminates with each child having to present a TED talk on an idea that they are passionate about.

Two transitions occur during a child’s time at Maranatha, and we seek to ensure these occur as seamlessly as possible.

  1. ELC – Prep: In Semester 2, ELC students visit Prep classes weekly for a variety of activities including Library, P.E. and Music to help in their orientation and transition to Prep.
  2. Year 6 students have a number of transition meetings at Endeavour Hills to ensure that the students are familiar with the surroundings and expectations of the Middle School.