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In Physical Education, students apply appropriate motor skills and fitness components to a wide range of games and sports. Students identify areas of strength/weakness in their level of fitness and develop strategies to improve where necessary. God has given us instruction to love one another. With this in mind, students will be encouraged to display appropriate behaviour and fair play at all times. They will also be expected to interact positively with other class members, as well as respect the authority of the coach and/or umpire.

Sports and Activities undertaken throughout the year include:
Year 6 – Softball, T-ball, Netball, Basketball, Fitness, Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Sofcrosse, Volleystars and Handball. A comprehensive unit on throwing and catching occurs each year as these are fundamental skills in most sports.
Year 7 and 8 - Softball, Netball, Basketball, Fitness, Soccer, Football, Table Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Volleyball and Ultimate Handball.


Students in the Middle School take part in an intensive swimming program. Lessons assist in developing water safety strategies and enhance technical skills.


Year 6 students undertake involvement in weekly interschool sport against other schools in the EHPSSA. The home and away fixture sees them travel to as well as host other schools. Pennants are awarded at the end of each term for both the winning team in each sport as well as runners up. Sports that students can select to be involved in through the interschool sport program include: Hockey, Soccer, Softball/T-Ball, Handball, Netball, Basketball, Volleystars and Cricket.

In Year 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to represent the school in a variety of sports throughout the year. These include Softball, Baseball, Cricket, Handball, Soccer, Football, Netball and Basketball. This is run 
once every two weeks with Maranatha fixtured against other Christian Schools in the area.


In Term 4 all Year 7 and 8 students participate in a one day sports carnival. The aim is to provide an enjoyable day of competition where all students are encouraged to select a sport for the day. Sports include Netball, Volleyball, Soccer, Table Tennis and Badminton.


Annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals are held throughout the year. Results from these events form the basis for interschool selection. Maranatha competes as part of the Christian Schools Sports Network (CSSN) inYear7and8. InYear6wecompetein the Endeavour Hills Primary School Sport Association (EHPSSA) and School Sport Victoria programs (SSV).


This is a bi-annual event held in various states around Australia. Students are eligible to try out for the Victorian State team from Year 6. The current sports available at the games are Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Athletics and Swimming.