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Years 7 to 9 Subjects 


The Years 7 to 9 programs are designed to enhance student learning in all areas. Curriculum is intergrated and biblical principles permeate through everything we do. We seek to grow Godly adolescents who are equipped to cope in the society they live in.

Middle School Core Subjects Middle School Specialist Subjects
Commerce and Law
Accelerated Reading
LOTE: Chinese Language, Culture and Society 
 (Year 7 Mandarin) or (Year 8 -  9) Indonesian
Health & Physical Education
Graphic Communication
Information Technology
Music (and Band Program)
Food by Design
Wood Futures
Outdoor Education
Visual Communication

Years 7 to 9 Academic


Excel English provides a wonderful opportunity for students with a penchant for the languages, to explore and consolidate their skills in the field. Activities include short story writing, poetry and intensive writing workshops. Students are challenged through deliberate and targeted activities in English, in order to refine their expressive communication. Additionally, students work individually and in small groups to build on their critical and creative thinking. Students also submit work to the City of Casey ‘Fresh Words’ writing competition.

In keeping with our vision, Excel Mathematics serves the purpose of discovering and developing your child’s mathematical gifts. Students will be withdrawn from their regular class for these lessons and will be taught in small groups. Lessons involve the acquisition of essential problem solving skills and the development of higher mathematical thinking processes. These are then applied to solving a variety of mathematical problems sourced from such organisations as the APSMO and the Australian Mathematics Trust. The mastery of these skills and processes will enhance your child’s future success in higher VCE Mathematics.


Within each subject, students who show a special aptitude for the material presented may avail themselves of the opportunity to complete extension work set by their teacher.
At the end of Year 8 Mathematics, students can apply to enrol in the Fast Track Mathematics program, which fast tracks students through Year 9 & 10 Mathematics in one calendar year. This enables them to complete VCE Mathematical Methods a year ahead, meaning that they can take another Mathematics subject in Year 12 and perform more strongly in this than if they were to complete the two subjects at the same time


This is a free service provided by the school and students are welcome to attend. Tutoring provides an excellent opportunity for improvement in Mathematics for all students. It is designed to support those who have difficulty with Mathematics.

All funded students are supported by our outstanding Education support team. In most cases, students are withdrawn from classes and given specific help with their school work at the Student Wellbeing Centre. Students are also taught how to manage their time effectively and how to study. Education Support staff also assist teachers in class. During this time they work with all students who need support in the classroom.


Years 7 to 9 students are encouraged to establish good work and study habits at home. Homework is also an opportunity for students to extend their understanding of the concepts addressed in class and consolidate their learning. We recommend at least one hour of homework per night to stay engaged and up-to-date with the curriculum covered in class. Revision of work, reading novels and music practice should also be done if homework has been completed in less than an hour.

SEQTA is an important tool for students to develop good organisation and discipline.

Progression to Year 10 is not an automatic process and student’s results are monitored throughout the year so as to keep families informed as to their child’s performance, as well as provide extra assistance where required. Students wishing to be eligible to undertake a Year 11 subject in Year 10 must reach a certain level of performance in Year 9. 

Assignments are an opportunity for students to showcase their learning in a variety of ways. Assessment tasks prioritise individual and group work, whilst also aiming to cater to a variety of learning styles. Students’ understanding of key topics is strengthened and challenged during the process of completing assignments. For future improvement, students are also given detailed and constructive feedback on assessment tasks.

All Year 7 and 9 students prepare for, and undertake, examinations during Term 4. These encompass the topics studied throughout the year and enable students to demonstrate the depth and quality of their learning. The study skills and discipline required to excel in VCE need to be intentionally taught and cultivated over a number of years. 

Biblical Living is a personal development program that seeks to develop a students’ social and emotional quotient. It involves the integration of theology, psychology and Positive Education (Seligman, Steen, Park, & Peterson, 2005). These areas inform our approach to social and emotional well-being.
Maranatha has a strong belief in building spiritual, social and emotional resilience in our students. Our belief in developing students’ social and mental resilience, stems from our core understanding that faith informs our being and cognitive understandings. Humans are not primarily ‘thinking’ beings but ‘believing beings’. God created humans, primarily, with an innate desire to know Him and then created them to inquire about Him, others and to capture the world around us.
Our program across Middle School includes:
Year 7
Emotional Literacy
Personal Strengths
Positive Coping
Boundries and Relationships
Year 8
Explanatory Styles
Adversity Explanation
Managing Challenge
Help Seeking
Social Media
Year 9
Growth Mindsets
GRIT: Power and Perserverance
Helping Others


Digital Discipleship, SEQTA & BYOD

At Maranatha, technology holds its rightful place as a tool for learning. It is not treated with either fear or favour, but through clear instructions in Digital Discipleship, our teachers guide students towards using ICT in ways that fulfil Christ’s expectations of His people. Thus ICT becomes an exciting and honourable way to investigate the Lord’s universe in all subject areas through the whole school day. SEQTA is our student management system where students and parents can communicate with the school and  enhance, engage and evaluate their learning. The School's BOYD program began several years ago, as of 2018 Maranatha now carries out 1:1 Device Program from Years 7-12. Currently the Year 7-8 students use an iPad, while the students in Year 9 purchase a laptop. For more information refer to the   link http://www.maranatha.vic.edu.au/curriculum/technology-ict/ipad-program

Weeks Without Walls: Year 9

As part of our Middle School curriculum, we believe it is important for students to be given the opportunity to experience learning in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Therefore, our students have a unique opportunity to study in a classroom without walls. 
Weeks Without Walls provides students with a unique cultural, personal, interpersonal and environmental experience not available within the regular classroom walls. Students learn, reflect, and grow as individuals. The aim of WWW is to:

⇒ Promote personal independence and responsibility and to challenge students academically, physically and mentally.
⇒ Take learning out of the school and into the real world.
⇒ Foster a greater sense of community and develop new friendships as well as strengthen existing ones.
⇒ Increase respect for the environment.

Term 1: Belong (Humanities)
Term 2: Create (Artistic focus)
Term 3: Innovate (Mathematics, Robotics, IT and Science)
Term 4: Challenge (challenging stereotypes, physical and mental)

"Live Life. No Regrets": Year 9

An adaptation of the well-known program “No Apologies”. Designed to be an informative time that helps students understand a biblical way of having relationships with the opposite sex. It covers topics such as, dating, marriage, relationships and identity.