Senior School


Year 10 to 12

Equipping our Young People for Life

Senior School at Maranatha Christian School extends for three years from Years 10 to 12. Our focus is on the needs of each individual, to ensure their own unique pathway is realised. Maranatha offers a broad range of subjects within VCE, as well as the VCE Vocational Major.

High Expectations, Growth and Achievement

My Utmost for His Glory encapsulates the purpose of students undertaking Senior School at Maranatha. Students are encouraged to give of their best in all aspects of their schooling in order to reach their full potential and to honour God. Academic growth is at the forefront of individual and organisational goal setting. It is a united motivation which sees all students progress.

21st Century Skills

Maranatha Christian School integrates 21st Century skills into the classroom and school environment to provide students with opportunities to develop lifelong learning habits, independent thinking, and self-directed learning abilities. Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, digital literacy, problem-solving, adaptability, and global awareness, encourage students to take ownership of their learning and to hone the habits and adeptness necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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