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Year 11 and 12 Information 


One period a fortnight is devoted to the WISE program. This program has four parts:

Worldview examines the lenses through which individuals and groups see life
Issues addresses topics that this age group face and may struggle with
Serve looks at leadership, mission and community
Equip helps build skills to manage the demands of the final two years of school


At the end of Year 11 students spend three days at Sorrento. They leave as Year 11s and return as Year 12 students. The program includes various speakers, sessions and activities.

Aims include:

  • To set clear goals for individuals and the group before classes begin for the final year
  • To further enhance the bond that exists within the year level and across the two campuses
  • To prepare individuals to meet the challenges of the final year with humility, responsibility and courage
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle of exercise, good eating and service to others
  • To consider what it means to be a man or woman under God

The Year 12 students are blessed with the privilege of having a Year 12 Common Room. This room is available to them before and after school and also during recess and lunchtimes. The room is furnished with tables and chairs, a hot water system, microwave, sandwich makers and a refrigerator.

Year 12 students have the privilege of arriving late to school when they have private study before recess. All students are to arrive on campus by recess in time for the period 3 class.

Year 11 and 12 students are allowed to sign out at lunchtime and do private study at home if they have no other timetabled classes for the day. Students who obtain their license in Year 12 are expected to complete and sign a form which then gives them permission to drive into and park their cars on the campus. They are expected to have written permission from the parents of any other student who may travel in their car.


Students will be guided to critically examine their career goals and have clear knowledge of the requirements for further study, training or employment. They will design alternative pathways to achieve their preferred future direction. A thorough research of relevant course options will assist them in their decision when making application for post-secondary education and training.


All Year 12 students have an opportunity to have a staff member mentor them during their final year of school. This involves a regular catch up to assist with organisation, personal issues and spiritual development. The program has proved to be very successful in helping students cope with the significant demands placed upon them.


The formal is a celebration organised by the Year 12 Student Committee along with the Head of Senior School. Boys dress in either a tuxedo or a suit and tie, and girls wear formal gowns or dresses.

The event involves a multicourse meal and dancing to popular music played by a hired DJ or sometimesaband. Teachersareinvitedbythecommitteeandactaschaperonesfortheevening.


A final assembly and dinner are among the events that mark the end of the Maranatha journey. Both involve speeches, awards, performances and an opportunity to reflect.


Technology is a vital part of our modern world - we use it in our homes, in the work place, our churches and in our schools. As a result, we are in the midst of some exciting changes to the educational landscape. With the increased use of technology, more class time can be used for discovery, collaboration and creation – fundamental activities shown to enhance student learning and engagement.

At Maranatha Christian School we teach our students to consider how Christ would have us respond to these new challenges. Students are given the opportunity and guidance to become digital disciples, equipping and preparing them for the classroom and beyond.

At Maranatha, technology holds its rightful place as a tool for learning. It is not treated with either fear or favour, but through clear instructions in Digital Discipleship, our teachers guide students towards using ICT in ways that fulfil Christ's expectations of His people. Thus ICT becomes an exciting and honourable way to investigate the Lord's universe in all subject areas through the whole school day. Students should use technology to enhance, engage and evaluate their learning. For more information and detail regarding the BYOD program in Years 9-11, please click the following link [BYOD Program]

To facilitate the use of technology in the classroom, it is compulsory for all students in Year 9 to Year 11 to bring their own digital device to school. Students are also welcome to bring a device to school. Minimum specifications are provided to ensure students have a device that will operate effectively within the school environment.

Senior School Extra-Curricular Handbook 2018