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Senior School - Years 9-12

Technology is a vital part of our modern world - we use it in our homes, in the work place, our churches and in our schools. As a result, we are in the midst of some exciting changes to the educational landscape. With the increased use of technology, more class time can be used for discovery, collaboration and creation – fundamental activities shown to enhance student learning and engagement. 

At Maranatha Christian School we teach our students to consider how Christ would have us respond to these new challenges. Students are given the opportunity and guidance to become digital disciples, equipping and preparing them for the classroom and beyond.

To facilitate the use of technology in the classroom, it is compulsory for all students in Years 9 to 12 to bring their own digital device to school. Minimum specifications are provided to ensure students have a device that will operate effectively within the school environment. 

Technology in Education

SEQTA (Learning Management System - LMS)

At Maranatha Christian School we use SEQTA as our computer based Learning Management System (LMS). This LMS complements the BYOD program. The LMS enables different groups within the Maranatha community to access or contribute a variety of information as outlined below: 

  • Course outlines 
  • On-line learning 
  • Digital homework submission 
  • Access to resources
  • Lesson delivery with embedded resources 
  • Email parents, message students, and develop on-line forums with classes 
  • Assign work electronically 
  • Electronic marking and return of work to students 
  • Dynamic reporting with marks and comments 
  • Roll marking with access to student attendance data 
  • Access to medical records, attendance records and emergency information 
  • Pastoral/behavioural comments recorded 
  • Communication with teachers 
  • Access to assessments and homework 
  • Access to student reports 

Spec List

All students bringing their own devices to Maranatha should ensure that the technology meets the standards in the Minimum BYOD specs and Device Range to enhance their learning needs.

BYOD Specs & Device Range

Configuring Device

The following document outlines the procedure students bringing their own devices to Maranatha, need to follow in order to connect to the MCS BYOD network, log into their MCS email and set up other configurations.

Student ICT Handbook

Policies and Procedures

To ensure safe usage and protection of equipment, the school has a number of policies in place.  These are attached and are reviewed and updated annually. Students and parents are encouraged to read them. 

Digital Devices & Cybersafety Agreement

Digital Discipleship

As we believe it is important to teach our students to put Christ at the centre of their lives in all things each student will complete a ‘Digital Discipleship’ program at school prior to being permitted to bring and use their iPad or BYOD. This program is designed to help students reflect upon what it means to be Christ-like in the way they engage with digital technology.

Digital Discipleship www.digitaldiscipleship.com.au