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Is it mandatory that my child has a Device/iPad for school?
Yes, every child in Years 5 to 8 requires an iPad and in Years 9 to 12 a device to participate in the full educational experience at Maranatha.
Can I use another tablet instead of an iPad in Years 5/6?
In order to ensure that all students experience the same educational context and quality, we require all Year 5 to 8 students to use an iPad and not an alternate tablet (e.g. an Android device). This ensures that the same educational apps can be loaded on all devices, that the multimedia capabilities of an iPad can be fully utilised, and streamlines the software and support requirements for the school.
Where do I purchase a Device for the BYOD Program?
There is a range of both retail and online stores to choose from. Please refer to the Device Recommendations and Minimum Requirements prior to making your purchase.
Where do I purchase an iPad for the iPad Program?
Maranatha has partnered with the Apple Store at Fountain Gate offering an exclusive opportunity for parents of children entering the iPad Program, to purchase an iPad as well as accessories and assist in basic configurations. You can also purchase a device at a discounted price at the Fountain Gate store or online via the Maranatha Apple Store (See iPad Program section for more information).
Do I need to purchase any accessories?
It is recommended to purchase a protective cover or carry case for the iPad/Device, have a keyboard for iPad/tablet devices and a pair of headphones. A stylus is optional for touch screen devices.
Does the school maintain and update all iPad/Device hardware and software?
Unlike many ICT programs run by other schools, both of our programs are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs. The iPad/Device is a personal device and the maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the student or parents.
iPads/Devices are very expensive. Who pays for the monthly Internet charge and download fees?
While on campus, all students have access to the school’s wireless network (which is filtered to block inappropriate content). Students are not permitted to have 3G/4G enabled/connected devices at school. All internet use at home and app purchases are charged accordingly to the home internet and telecommunications service provider.
What are some examples of how students will use iPads/Devices in class and for homework?
Making films, creating soundtracks, drawing graphs and images, reading eBooks and eBooks, writing notes, annotating PDF documents, researching and writing essays, creating multimedia presentations, Internet research, doing physical and virtual experiments, sending and receiving emails, curating information and newsfeeds, recording interviews, watching educational YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, submitting assessment pieces, conducting fieldwork and creating or answering instant quizzes.
Will the iPad/Devices be used in all classes? What percentage of the time will the iPad be used in class?
In short, yes.  iPads are tools for learning that will be used along with all the other tools available at school (eg. pen, paper, books etc).  Teachers will leverage these technologies in their classroom when the need arises.  While it is hard to put an exact percentage on their expected usage, a significant amount of information that previously delivered to or created by students on paper will be given/created through the iPad in Years 5-8.  Year 9-12 students will also use their devices to access timetables, notifications, assignment details, including due dates and communications from staff on a daily basis.
Will iPads/Devices replace face-to-face teaching and reduce contact time between teachers and students?
No. All students will have the same number of classes and the same class sizes as before. The iPad/BYOD programs will enhance contact and communication between students, teachers and the school.
Will students still be writing using pen and paper? Will handwriting skills still be considered important?
Yes, the iPads/Devices are being introduced to enhance teaching and learning and the use of pen and paper is still a vital skill for students to learn. The mode of communication used will vary and depend on the learning opportunity but whilst VCE exams are still in written form, we recognise that it is essential that handwriting skills are still developed and maintained.
Are iPads/Devices replacing some of the traditional textbooks?
iPads/Devices are part of the range of resources available to our students. There are still some resources that are only available in a hard copy format but, as some textbooks are now available in an electronic version, this will also be an available option for use. Please refer to your child’s booklist for further information. Booklists are usually published in Term Four.
Will all homework tasks require the iPad/Device? In what way will the iPad be used for homework tasks?
The iPad/Device will be used as an additional resource to assist students in the completion of homework tasks. There may be some tasks that will benefit from the use of the iPad/Device and some that will not need it at all. How the iPad/Device is used will vary for each subject.
How will I know how much time my child will need to use the iPad/Device at home for schoolwork?
The time required will depend on the homework that students have to complete. For example, a student who is completing a writing task might only need the iPad/Device to access a dictionary or the thesaurus. Another child might require more time in order to research and prepare a presentation on a specific topic. 
How do students receive support for the use of their iPad/Device?
ICT Department can provide basic assistance and advice but any issues with your child’s device should be reported to the supplier from which the iPad/Device was purchased.
All students will be provided access to the school’s network, MCS email, Office 365 and SEQTA Engage (Student account for SEQTA).

For technical support issues including passwords, email, network connection or internet access issues email:  helpdesk@maranatha.vic.edu.au

ICT Services will not undertake mechanical repairs on students’ personal iPads/Devices, as they are not Authorised Technicians and any attempt to do so may void your iPad’s/Device’s warranty. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their iPad/Device is in safe working order.
Will the school replace a lost, stolen or damaged iPad/Device?
The school will not replace a stolen, lost or damaged student’s iPad/Device.
It will be the student’s responsibility to ensure that their locker is locked. It is also a requirement that all iPads/Devices have a protective case/carry bag that is clearly labelled with the student’s name to minimise damage while the iPad/Device is being transported between home and school and between classes. At all times students are responsible for their personal property, which includes their iPad/Device.
Is the iPad/Device covered by any insurance and or a warranty?
Most iPads/Devices when bought new is covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers any hardware issues with the device. Parents have the option of purchasing an extended two-year warranty from Apple under the AppleCare program for iPads.
Students’ personal iPads/Devices are not covered by the School’s insurance policy. Parents are encouraged to investigate insurance options with their own insurance provider.
What happens to student work if the iPad/Device is lost/damaged/stolen?
Students are responsible for ensuring they protect, care for and maintain their iPad/Device and its contents. This includes periodically backing up the contents of their iPad/Device. In the event that an iPad/Device is lost, all work that has been backed up. 
How will the school ensure students are only accessing educational apps or websites during class time?
Teachers will continue to monitor the use of technology in the classroom and any misuse will be treated the same as any other inappropriate behaviour and normal classroom discipline rules and policies will apply. Actively accessing or seeking out inappropriate sites is a behavioural issue that will be dealt with by the classroom teacher, Head of Sub-School and Principal.

Please note the school cannot filter a personal 3G/4G data connection and we therefore request that parents with such concerns do not purchase a 3G/4G/LTE enabled device or install a cellular data card in the iPad or Device. The school does filter and monitor all Internet traffic that flows through our network and block any site it deems to be inappropriate.
How can I ensure my child is not using the iPad/Device inappropriately at home?
Clear boundaries and expectations are the easiest way to achieve this. We recommend that you only allow use of the iPad/Device in open and visible parts of the house, not bedrooms. Parents can enable the parental controls on the iPad/Device to restrict access to age-inappropriate apps, movies and music. Another strategy is to establish a routine where the iPad/Device is checked by parents regularly. 
Will the students be allowed to have games on their iPads/Device?
Yes. The iPad is a student’s personal device and a student can install their own apps/software for personal use on the iPad/Device, in addition to the required school resource based apps/software. These apps/software and content must not contravene any school policy as well as align with expectations at home, and student personal apps/software must not impact on the space available for educational resources and apps.
Should students bring their iPads/Device to school every day?
YES. Your child needs to charge up his/her iPad/Device each night and bring it to school ready for use every day.
What happens if a student forgets their iPad/Device or forgets to charge it overnight?
As the iPad/Device is used as a tool to enhance current practices, the student will not have access to the additional resources and tools available on the device for that day. S/he will still be able to attend lessons and activities but may not be able to participate in any parts of the lesson or activity that depend on the use of an iPad/Device.
Will students use their iPads/Devices before/after school and/or during breaks?
Students in Junior School are not permitted to use their iPads during breaks. They are stored securely in the classroom during break times.
Students in Middle/Senior School will be allowed to use their iPads/Devices during breaks, before and after school in the Library only.
How will the students be using the iPads/Devices?
Students will be using their iPads for a wide range of purposes. The iPads will not replace school books, instead they will be there to facilitate the students' learning. They will be using specific Apps for learning as well as note taking and file management utilising cloud (Internet) technology. Students will use the iPad to connect with the school’s learning management system, SEQTA.


If you have any queries please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to see if your question can be answered. Any other questions you may have please contact the school on 97097209 or the following contact:

IT Department
email: helpdesk@maranatha.vic.edu.au