Junior School - (Year 5-6) and Middle School - (Years 7-8)

Mobile devices can enhance our teaching and learning to achieve more positive outcomes for all students. Maranatha has an iPad program for all students in Years 5 to 8 using a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. The program gives the students the opportunity to have access to knowledge from home and school. In addition, students have the opportunity to use their own device which makes them feel more comfortable and confident. 

Students in Years 5 to 8 will be asked to bring their own iPad and have specific educational Apps downloaded for the start of the school year. Students will have access to the school’s wireless network to provide access within the school. As students will be using their iPads at school they must adhere to the Maranatha Use of Digital Devices and Cybersafety Agreement. This policy needs to be signed by all students and their parents / guardians at the beginning of the year in order to access the school’s network.

10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education

App List

A list of apps has been compiled that are year level and subject specific to meet your student's learning needs. Some of the apps are free, however you will be required to purchase certain ones. The Apps have been carefully selected to enhance students' learning and engagement in all areas of the curriculum. 
The following lists contain the required student iPad apps for Years 5 to 8. These core apps are shared across many different subject areas. 

Year 5 & 6 MCS  App list 2022

Year 7 MCS App listYear 8 MCS  App list

Digital Device & CyberSafety Agreement

Purchasing an iPad

iPads can be pruchased from any retailer of chocie. Apple stores will provide an engraving service, and will also price match

iPad specifications

Configuring Your iPad

The following document outlines the procedures students bringing their iPad to school need to follow in order to connect to the MCS BYOD network. Students are to log into their MCS email to set up other configurations.

Student ICT Handbook

Family Sharing and Apple ID for Children


Policies and Procedures

To ensure safe usage and protection of equipment, the school has a number of policies in place.  These are attached and are reviewed and updated annually. Students and parents are encouraged to read them. 


Digital Discipleship

As we believe it is important to teach our students to put Christ at the centre of their lives in all things each student will complete a ‘Digital Discipleship’ program at school prior to being permitted to bring and use their iPad or BYOD. This program is designed to help students reflect upon what it means to be Christ-like in the way they engage with digital technology.

Digital Discipleship www.digitaldiscipleship.com.au