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Technology is ubiquitous and ever so rapidly evolving. Therefore the role of technology in education is vital. The question is no longer if technology enhances learning, but rather how do we improve our use of technology to enhance learning? Properly used technology will help students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based society.

At Maranatha technology holds its rightful place as a tool for learning. It is not treated with either fear or favour, but through clear instructions in Digital Discipleship, our teachers guide students towards using Information and communication technologies (ICT) in ways that fulfil Christ’s expectations of His people. Thus ICT becomes an exciting and honourable way to investigate the Lord’s universe in all subject areas through the whole school day. Students should use technology to enhance, engage and evaluate their learning. 

ICT is integrated as a learning tool within all subject areas. All students will participate in activities that assist their development to use technology to explore, discover, be inspired, innovate, create and collaborate with each other. 

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