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Pastoral Care

Maranatha is a caring, diverse learning community where Christian faith permeates all aspects of school life, including how we bring learning to life and in the relationships we share. We value the sense of community that is built around a strong faith and a genuine commitment to care.

Our heart is to nurture all students, regardless of ability, skill or interest. At Maranatha, all students are loved and valued for who they are, not just what they can do.

We have a pastoral care model that is fully integrated throughout the teaching and learning and structural organisation of our school to meet the personal, social, spiritual and academic needs of our students.

Pastoral care is nurtured through the close relationship between parents and teachers. Effective and regular communication between home and school is at the core of that relationship. We encourage parents to be involved in the child’s education, talking to staff and keeping them informed of individual needs.

Maranatha also has a School Psychologist and School Chaplains who provide services with communication and parent approval when appropriate.