Maranatha harnesses the unique interests, gifts and abilities God has given to each child. Our school is diverse, yet each student is known by name, cared for and supported, to give them the opportunity to develop their abilities so that they can become successful, faithful productive contributors and leaders wherever God may lead them.

Our dedicated and capable teachers take the time to get to know the students individually, their backgrounds, motivations, interests, strengths and goals, as well as how they learn. We seek to challenge, engage, motivate and encourage each student knowing that it is a different journey for each child.

With a high quality student welfare program based on God’s love for us all, Teachers, Year Level Coordinators, Student Counsellors, Chaplains and Heads of School closely monitor the academic progress, achievement, welfare and Christian growth of each child. In this way they encourage the development and living out of the of the School’s attributes:

  • Reflect Christ
  • Enduring
  • Self-controlled
  • Passionate
  • Empathetic
  • Committed
  • Thoughtful

Class teachers provide daily support and care for each child’s individual needs in the Junior School.  Older children participate in a buddy program that provides extra support for our ELC and Prep students.  Our Middle School caters for the different stages of physical, emotional and mental development. 

There is a gradual increase in the number of classes and teachers each student has as they progress through the middle years to ensure a seamless transition to the senior years.  The Senior School is organised into four House groups to achieve the highest level of pastoral care and maximise mentoring opportunities. 

The same team of teachers care for each student over the four years.  Students across the whole school are supported by section heads, coordinators, the school psychologist, chaplains, counsellors and education support aides.

We also run numerous programs that assist with building resilience, encouraging positive relationships and developing a strong Christian character.