At MCS all teachers have a student care role. This student care program operates within a Home Group structure. The Home Group teacher works closely with the Co-ordinators to enhance the student care of the students. Our School Chaplains partly funded under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP) and the School Counsellor support the staff in their role of student care.

The purpose of the student care program is to provide a safe learning environment which promotes the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing of our students.

Our School Chaplains and School Counsellor have up to date qualifications and training in student care, counselling and psychology and only provide services appropriate to their level of training and availability. These services might therefore include helping families find the most appropriate support in the community when the skills and capacity of the student Care team cannot adequately ensure the safety and well-being of a particular student.

While referrals to the program can be made by teaching staff and parents/guardians, students can also refer themselves.

The program is completely voluntary. This means that students will not be contacted by a School Chaplain or Counsellor, unless the students and / or their parents / guardians agree to working with a member of the student Care Team. Parents / Guardians who do not want their children to make use of this service need to complete the <<Opt-Out form>> and submit it to the school office or directly contact the School Principal. Parents will also be provided an opportunity to review the information about this service and opt out of the service on an annual basis as part of regularly updating contact and medical details kept by the school.

A Register of students whose parents / guardians have opted out of the student Care Program will be kept by the School Principal as a reference point before referring students to the student Care Team.  Co-ordinators will directly consult with students and parents / guardians when they are concerned about the well-being of these students to discuss the most appropriate support available outside of the student Care Team and / or school.

The program is confidential. Our student Care Team are bound by a professional Code of Conduct requirement to respect the confidentiality of all students. Confidentiality will not apply when students appear to be at risk of harming themselves, harming someone else, or if the student Care Team become aware of students being at risk of being harmed by someone else. In these situations the student Care Team will discuss their concerns with the student as well as with the appropriate Head of Campus and other external parties in the students’ life that need to work together to ensure their safety.

Click here for Parent/Guardian Opt Out Form