At Maranatha, we are mindful of the incredible diversity of students within the middle years and the different stages of physical, emotional and mental development. Our aim is to care for students in a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

We seek to take our students on the journey from childhood to young adults, with Christ at the centre of their world. Beliefs, values and attitudes are developed at this age that will last a lifetime. All curriculum is delivered from a Christian perspective, with students encouraged to view the world through the lens of the Bible. Each day begins with a Bible reading and a time of prayer, allowing students to develop their own relationship with Christ. 

Middle years provides a safe place where students are free to express their problems, struggles and concerns without the fear of being judged.

Teachers care about students and the family as a whole and endeavour to build a strong partnership with parents through regular communication between school and home.

Each student has a member of staff who is directly responsible for their care. This person also teaches them for a significant number of periods. There is a gradual increase in the number of classes and teachers each student has as they progress through the middle years. The aim is to make the transition from junior to senior as seamless as possible. Every teacher has a student welfare focus.

They are supported in this job by our school psychologist, chaplains, counsellors and education support staff. The Head of Middle School and Assistant Head of Middle School also act in a proactive way to ensure all students are happy and safe.