The Senior School is organised into four House groups. The same team of teachers care for each student over the four years. Each House has a coordinator and home group teachers. This dedicated team look to build strong relationships with students and parents to ensure all pastoral needs are met.

Year 12 students all have the opportunity to be individually mentored by a member of staff. The Head of Senior School, School Psychologist, Chaplain, Counsellor and Education Support Staff assist with pastoral care of all four year levels.

There is a strong focus on students looking out for their peers within and across year levels.

Year 12 students work closely with their home group teacher to support younger students in their House. House Coordinators and captains look to encourage their Houses through regular meetings and other activities. Senior School students are involved in the mentoring of Middle School students.

Students in the Senior School are encouraged to grow in their relationship to God. Our desire is for them to develop a faith that has a firm foundation and is applied in all areas of life, especially in the way they look after themselves and treat others. Students are encouraged to ask questions, express doubts and grow in their knowledge of God. We want them to have an impact for God’s Kingdom during their school years and beyond.