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Student Wellbeing

Maranatha recognises that a supportive and inclusive school culture is one of the most critical factors that affect student well-being. Students feel accepted and valued and develop a sense of belonging and connection, which helps them thrive. Maranatha creates positive school culture, prioritising and creating a safe environment where bullying and discrimination are not tolerated, making students feel secure and protected.

At Maranatha we seek to build high-quality relationships between students and teachers. These strong relationships create a sense of safety and trust that encourages academic achievement and overall well-being. Teachers are approachable, supportive, and responsive to students’ needs help students feel seen, heard, and understood. Teachers and other support staff, including the school psychologist and chaplains, invest in building positive relationships with our students and help them develop self-confidence and resilience.

Student wellbeing is integrated across all of Maranatha’s curriculum, programs, activities and home groups. Specific programs also develop students’ social and emotional literacy skills.