Maranatha Christian School has a proud history spanning over 46 years. We are a Christian Learning Community in partnership with home and church where students are inspired to discover and develop their God-given gifts, abilities and character for a life of service to the Lord in contemporary society.

We invite you to support Maranatha as this will allow the School to provide direct benefits not only for our current students but future generations to come. At Maranatha, school fees pay for education and essential capital improvements and maintenance. Buildings and facilities generally require grant assistance from State and Commonwealth Government Programs and Long Term Bank Loans to fund their construction. The support of our Maranatha Community provides another opportunity for us to provide the best possible facilities for our students and staff. We also invite you to support our school community in various ways as indicated.

Your support is greatly appreciated and serves to affirm our vision of a Learning Community in partnership.


Please choose from the following funds to donate:
  • THE JENNIFER MUNYARD SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Provides girls and boys who have experienced significant trauma the opportunity to be educated in a safe learning environment at Maranatha Christian School. (Tax Deductible)
  • Building Fund (Association For Christian Education School Building Fund Dandenong): To maintain and develop inspirational learning spaces and educational resources . (Tax Deductible)
  • Support a Family:To assist families in financial need.
  • Library Fund: To purchase books, recordings, subscriptions or special collectables including upgrading furniture.
  • At Principal’s Discretion: At the discretion of the Principal, funds are used to further enhance a variety of school projects.
  • Sports: Equipment or other sporting projects.
  • Music School: Equipment or other musical projects.