Life at Junior School

Our aim at Maranatha Christian School is for children to acquire essential knowledge and skills for learning, as well as to become an active, caring participant in Christian community and contemporary society.

Our Junior School program is delivered by Christian teachers who focus on nurturing individual excellence and effectively teach an extensive curriculum in a stimulating environment.

Preparing children to have an excellent disposition for learning starts at home a long time before their first day at school. Yours is a God-given task of nurturing your children, guiding and directing them in the way of righteousness. Christian schooling sets the foundations for a child’s life (for now and also for eternity). Biblical values and attributes are taught and caught as are all the educational concepts developed from ELC – Year 5. Maranatha is a Christian Learning Community. It is a place of safety and discipleship, where passionate, committed teachers partner with parents in the nurture of the Lord’s children. Home-and-school partnership succeeds when the parties communicate; regularly, authentically and constructively.

Junior School is a place to continue the development that has begun at home; intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical. Junior School is a place to become thoughtful and reflective, to learn principles and values, to become flexible and adaptive, and to develop a strong yet realistic sense of self. Junior School is a place to learn the capacity for rich feelings and their control, for generosity and its rewards, for the balance of selflessness and self-determination.

Strive (Academic)

The school Motto is “My Utmost For His Glory” which means that every child is challenged and encouraged to do their best, in all things at all times, reaching their full potential and discovering their God given gifts in a safe and secure learning environment. In the Junior School, foundational patterns of learning and behaviour are established and children develop ‘habits of the mind’ and organisational skills that enable them to experience success over their earliest years of school.

Support (Pastoral Care)

Class teachers provide daily support and care for each child’s individual needs. The teachers’ dedication, care and compassion for the children develop trust, integrity and honesty. This also helps in developing positive relationships with other adults over their life’s journey.

We have a Welfare team, made up of trained teachers, Chaplains, Counsellors and Education Support Staff who positively feed into the lives of children. Children are also encouraged to ‘Reflect Christ’ in their relationship and attitude to one another and care appropriately for each other. Our Year 3s and 4s participate in a buddy program that provides extra support for our ELC and Prep students.

Service (Spiritual)

From the earliest years at Junior School, Biblical truths are taught and a personal relationship with Jesus is encouraged. Students are provided with opportunities to pray, take part in Bible lessons, sing at assembly and participate in faith discussions. As students develop in confidence and knowledge, they apply their faith in speaking at assemblies or at special occasions in class or at outside venues.