At Maranatha we take a three year approach to the end of a student’s time at the school.  The Senior School has a special program that aims to meet the unique learning, pastoral and spiritual needs of this age group.

Strive (Academic)

Our focus is on individual students reaching their potential and discovering their unique gifts.  We offer VCE and VCAL in order to meet the individual needs of all students.  Our VCE program offers a wide range of subjects with low class numbers.  In Year 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to take a subject above their year level, giving them a taste of what is required in the years that follow.  Year 11 and 12 VCE students have supervised study periods to ensure they make the most of their time at school.  VCAL caters for students who are looking for a more “hands on” learning experience.  Students in both programs are supported by a Pathways (Careers) Coordinator who works with year levels, individuals and parents.

Support (Pastoral Care)

The Senior School is organised into four House Groups.  Students remain in the same Home Groups during their Senior School years.  The Senior School pastoral team includes Home Group Teachers, Student Support Coordinators and a Head of Section.  This dedicated team looks to build strong relationships with students and parents to ensure all pastoral needs are met.  Year 12 students have the opportunity to be individually mentored by a member of staff.  The Head of Senior School, Student Support Coordinators, School Psychologist, Chaplain, Counsellor and Education Support Staff assist with pastoral care of all senior year levels.  There is a strong focus on students looking out for their peers within and across year levels and  Year 12 students work closely with their Home Group Teacher to support younger students in their House.  Staff House Leaders and Student House Captains look to encourage their Houses through regular meetings and other activities.

Service (Spiritual)

Students in the Senior School are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.  Our desire is for them to develop a faith that has a firm foundation and is applied in all areas of life.  Students are invited to ask questions, express doubts and grow in their knowledge of God.  Our desire is for them to have an impact for God’s Kingdom during their school years and beyond.  The school provides many opportunities for students to speak about their faith.  This can occur during Home Groups, assemblies and other special events.  There are also a number of avenues for our Senior School students to put their faith into action.  Mission trips, Community Service, Senate activities and other events allow our students to give to others and grow.  We have a Service Coordinator who facilitates different service projects throughout the Senior School, allowing students to serve the Maranatha Christian School Community as well as the wider community.

Senior School Handbook