“God has appointed the parents to be responsible for the training and education of their children”… the training and education of the children shall be continued [at MCS] which carries out the basic God honouring, God-centred programme begun in the home”. (extracted from MCS Constitution – section 2(1) of the Memorandum of Association).

Successful education is built on effective partnership between school and home. At Maranatha we partner with parents by providing education in harmony with home and church and in keeping with the School's Educational Creed. The School strives to reinforce both Biblical truths and a Christian way of living, and is enriched by diversity of chruch backgrounds of our families.

Parents are expected to attend whole school events, information meetings, parent/teacher interviews and to be actively involved in the daily life of the School.
We consider it a privilege to work with you through the enrolment process to ensure a smooth transition into school.  The partnership begins here, ensuring that year in and year out your child has the opportunity to receive the very best quality education from dedicated and talented Christian teachers.  


The school Prospectus is available for download by clicking here or one can be mailed to you by contacting the Registrar on 03 9998 3691 by phone or email at registrar@maranatha.vic.edu.au.


Enrolment Policy

As Maranatha is a Christian school, we welcome parents/guardians who are willing to partner with us to encourage students to develop their God given gifts and abilities and character for a life of service to the Lord in contemporary society.
The Principal/CEO or delegate may enrol a child where one parent is a practicing Christian who is part of a faith community.  Limited places may be available for families who identify with the Christian faith but who are not currently attending a church.
All parents must agree to support the teaching of the School’s Christ Centred Curriculum and the Educational Creed as set out in the Enrolment Application information.


The Association for Christian Education of Dandenong, is the public company (limited by guarantee) that owns and operates Maranatha Christian School. All parents pay an annual levy, to support the work of the Association. Parents are able to attend and participate at meetings.

Membership of the Association is open to parents, staff and others who can demonstrate a commitment to the school and are active members of a church community. Members will have voting rights and are eligible to be considered for Board appointment.

Parent Induction Course

A Parent Induction Course is held once a term for new families enrolling at the school.  This is an opportunity for us to welcome you to the school community and explain more fully what we do.  Topics covered include our vision, values, the Christian faith, Christ centred curriculum, programs and school operations.
All new parents are expected to attend as this is a requirement of enrolment.  The course is led by our Principal, Deputy Principal and Director of Studies.  Any new families who are interested in partnering with the school in the future are welcome to attend an induction course prior to enrolment.
For further information please contact our Registrar, Janet DeJong, on (03) 9709 7217 or email: registrar@maranatha.vic.edu.au

Enrolment Process

Please complete the online enrolment application. If all enrolment criteria have been met, we will arrange an interview with one of our school leaders. Students will be accepted into Maranatha Christian School providing a vacancy exists. Please refer to the Enrolment Application Information for more detail.

Fee Information

Our fees are family friendly, providing significant concessions for second and subsequent children. Where there are more than three children enrolled, the fourth enrolment onward pays a nominal amount. These concessions apply to base fees only. Concessions do not apply to other tuition charges which are payable in full for all students enrolled in the school.  More details can be found in the Fee Information and Enrolment Process tab.