Fee Information

Our fees are family friendly, providing significant concessions for second and subsequent children. Where there are more than three children enrolled, the fourth enrolment onward pays a nominal amount. These concessions apply to base fees only. Concessions do not apply to other tuition charges which are payable in full for all students enrolled in the school.  More details are also contained in the Enrolment Application Information which can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf below.

2022 Enrolment Application Information and FeesProspectus

20% Off Tuition Fees

In 2021 Maranatha Christian School will be offering 20% off tuition fees* to all enrolling families at Officer. This discount applies to Tuition fees only. Maranatha believes in offering affordable, quality education to our families.

*Please note: The 20% off tuition fees will be reviewed annually and is subject to change.

Open Day Offers

When you register online and attend an open day or morning you are entitled to one of the following offers:

  • Enrol and receive 10% off tuition fees for attending Open Day.*
  • New families who commence prior to 1 August receive $500 tuition fees per child for the remainder of 2021.*
  1. New families who commence in 2022, or any year thereafter receive a10% reduction in tuition fees in Term 4 of the commencement year. Discount only applies once and if child starts in ELC can be claimed in their ­rst year of Prep at Maranatha.
  2. New families who pay $500 tuition fees per child for the remainder of the year are not entitled to the Open Day 10% discount. Discount only applies once and does not apply to ELC.

Enrolment Process

Please complete the online enrolment application. If all enrolment criteria have been met, we will arrange an interview with one of our school leaders. Students will be accepted into Maranatha Christian School providing a vacancy exists. Please refer to the Enrolment Application Information for more detail.